Questionnaire survey


Questionnaire surveys are conducted to understand trends such as user likes and dislikes, behavior patterns, and values. The surveyor distributes what he / she wants to know in a questionnaire and asks the respondents to answer. We will use the Internet, mail, fax, etc. to distribute the questionnaire and collect the answers.


Optimal survey plan

We select the method of distributing the questionnaire and collecting the answers according to the attributes of the survey subjects. It is also possible to increase the recovery rate by combining multiple methods.

Questionnaire with high response rate

In order to obtain an appropriate answer to the purpose, a consultant specializing in user surveys creates questions and gives advice to create easy-to-answer questionnaires and questionnaire forms.

Abundant distribution target

In addition to our own survey panel of about 6,000 people, we can use a survey panel of more than 500,000 people in partnership with other companies, so we can get answers from the best respondents as a target.


The standard items included in this service are as follows:

  • Survey planning
  • Questionnaire / questionnaire form creation
  • Selection of distribution target
  • Distribution of questionnaires and collection of answers
  • Raw data cleaning
  • Data aggregation

We will propose an appropriate survey plan according to your request and various conditions.


The standard items included in this service are as follows:

Written survey plan

This document describes the survey plan necessary for conducting a survey, such as purpose, method, survey target, question, schedule, etc.

Question list

List of questions to be distributed as a questionnaire

Raw data

Unprocessed collected data

Aggregated data

Data after aggregation processing (including raw data)


The contents of a standard report are as follows:

  • Survey outline: Suevey implementation details
  • Aggregation result: Simple aggregation and cross aggregation of the number of answers for each question

Implementation procedure

The standard procedure is as follows:

1:Asking of purpose and requirements

We will ask you about your request, such as the purpose of the survey, recruitment conditions, and the number of questions.

2:Survey planning

Based on the result of asking, we will write the plan, and have the clients check the contents, and revise.


Based on the written plan, we will proceed with the necessary preparations for conducting the survey, such as recruiting participants, interview questions, and preparing the survey environment.

4:Distribution and collection of questionnaires

We will send you a questionnaire or deliver a questionnaire form and collect the answers from the respondents.

5:Aggregating data and writing report

We will do data cleaning, data aggregation and report writing. Statistical processing is also available.


We will deliver raw data and reports.

Case study

  • About digital camera
  • Actual usage of remote controller
  • Icons used in the digital camera GUI
  • About car keys
  • How to put out the trash
  • About computer terms
  • Child behavior
  • How to use the instruction manual
  • Emoji used in mobile phone GUI
  • How to use the TV
  • About motorcycle instruction manual