Usability Testing


Usability testing is a method of evaluating the usability of a product based on the behavior of general users when using the product.Also known as user testing.
Usability tests include qualitative usability tests and quantitative usability tests. Qualitative usability testing aims to identify specific usability problems in a product or service and identify the cause.
Quantitative usability testing aims to measure the level of usability of a product or service.
We support all usability testing, from proposing test methods that suit your purposes to analysis reports.


Appropriate evaluation plan

We will propose an appropriate evaluation method according to your request (various conditions such as evaluation purpose, evaluation target, subject conditions, schedule, budget, etc.).

Realistic observation facility

Optimized test rooms for usability testing, participants’ natural behavior is elicited and you can closely observe how he or she uses the product.

Online broadcast support

We support live broadcasts of usability tests via web conferencing. You can participate in test observations from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.
All processes, including meetings and reports, can be carried out online.

Detailed analysis

We will report in detail the analysis results such as product problems, possible causes, direction of improvement, task performance results, etc.

Corresponds to various evaluation conditions

We provide various evaluation services according to your wishes, such as the purpose of evaluation and the development status of the target product.

Product type Hardware, software, systems, instruction manuals, services, etc.
Product categoryWe can handle everything from educational software for young children to GUIs for large machine tools, regardless of product category.
Product development levelPaper prototypes, simulators, actual prototypes, commercial products, etc.
Target operationSetup, basic operations, advanced operations, error handling, maintenance, management operations, etc.
Evaluation methodsQualitative evaluation (interaction evaluation), quantitative evaluation (performance evaluation, subjective evaluation), etc.
Data to measureOperation time, error rate, subjective evaluation, biological data (blood pressure, electrocardiogram, electromyogram, eye tracking, etc.), device operation log, etc.
Testing environmentOur test room, your test room, your meeting room, factory, participants’ homes, cars, rental meeting rooms, etc.
Participant attributesAge, gender, foreigners, disabled person, etc.
Participant characteristicsComputer skills, experience with specific products, lifestyle, etc.


The standard items included in this service are as follows:

  • Evaluation planning
  • Test preparation
  • Participant recruitment
  • Conducting usability test (Facilitate, Recording, Camera shooting etc.)
  • Analyze results (write report)
  • Report presentation

We will propose an appropriate evaluation plan according to your request and various conditions.


The standard output is as follows:

Written evaluation plan

This document describes the experimental design information necessary for conducting usability tests, such as the purpose of evaluation, scope of evaluation, method, subject conditions, tasks, and schedule. It is also a document for confirming and agreeing on the contents of your request.

Observation sheet

Our original recording paper developed for usability testing. It can be used for test observation.


The contents of a standard report are as follows:

  • Evaluation outline: Test implementation details
  • Task achievement status: The result of whether the subject was able to complete the task
  • Issue List: A list of issues found in usability tests.
  • Issue analysis: Describes the details of the issue, the probable cause, and the direction of improvement for the issue found in the usability test.
  • Discussion: Describe the summary of the test results, the opinions of the evaluators, supplementary information, etc.


We will deliver an unedited video recording the participants in the test.

Implementation procedure

The standard procedure is as follows:

1:Asking of purpose and requirements

We will ask you about your requirements, such as the purpose of the evaluation, the products to be evaluated, and the requirements for participants.

2:Test planning

Based on the result of asking, we will write the plan, and have the clients check the contents, and revise.

3:Test preparation

Based on the written plan, we will proceed with the necessary preparations for conducting the test, such as recruiting participants, concidering tasks and interview questions, and preparing the test environment.

4:Conducting usability test

On the day of the test, you will participate in the observation of the test.

5:Analysing results and writing report

We extract and analyze usability issues and write reports.


We will report the evaluation result and deliver the report.

Case study

Product development level Product Purpose
Prototypes, technologically developed products Website Finding usability issues, operation flow confirmation
Blood pressure meter Quality verification of products and instruction manuals and finding usability issues
ElevatorFinding usability issues
Multi-copy machineFinding usability issues
In-vehicle information systemIdentification of differences in behavioral characteristics depending on the presence or absence of in-vehicle information devices
In-vehicle information system for autonomous vehiclesFinding usability issues
Information system for public facilitiesFinding usability issues
Smartphone appFinding usability issues
In-vehicle information systemIdentifying user behavioral characteristics
Information system for public facilitiesIdentifying user behavioral characteristics
Autonomous driving systemComparison of driving settings by subjective evaluation
Biometric authentication systemFinding usability issues
Household energy management system (HEMS)Finding usability issues
Commercial products Thermometer Quality verification of products and instruction manuals and finding usability issues
Projector softwareFinding usability issues
Scientific calculatorFinding usability issues
Road guidance displayLevel comparison with old products, finding usability issues
Hydraulic excavatorIdentifying user behavioral characteristics
Vacuum cleanerFinding usability issues, comparison with competing products
Remote controller for air conditionerFinding usability issues
Accounting softwareFinding usability issues
Web conferencing softwareFinding usability issues
WebsiteFinding usability issues
Household gas appliancesFinding usability issues in the instruction manual