Participants recruitment


In usability testing and interview surveys, participant selection is an important factor in determining the quality of evaluations and surveys. It is necessary to control detailed conditions such as age, gender, and device usage experience, and at the same time, it is a laborious task such as compliance procedures. We will do these tasks for you in recruiting participants.


Recruit the best participants

In addition to our own survey panel of about 6,000 people, we can use more than 500,000 survey panels in partnership with other companies, so we can recruit participants that match the target consumers.
A consultant specializing in user surveys creates questionnaires that are easy to answer in order to select the most suitable participants.

We will take care of all contact with the target person.

We will make all necessary contact with the subject. The day before the survey, we will also contact participants for confirmation to ensure that they participate on the day of the survey.

Ensuring compliance procedures

We handle the personal information of participants appropriately in accordance with our personal information protection management system. We ensure that the compliance procedures required when the participants we recruit participate in the research you conduct.

Options such as reception and payment of rewards are also available.

Please also ask us for peripheral work related to recruiting, such as reception work on the day of the survey and payment of rewards to participants.

Implementation procedure

The standard procedure is as follows:

1:Asking of purpose and requirements

We will ask you about your request, such as the purpose of the survey and recruitment conditions.

2:Survey planning

Based on the result of asking, we will write the plan, and have the clients check the contents, and revise.


Based on your request, we will proceed with the necessary preparations for recruiting, such as considering recruitment methods and designing questionnaires for recruitment.

4:Selection of participants

We will respond to inquiries from applicants, accept applications, select, and send invitations.

5:Participant decision定

We will inform you of the profile of the decided participants.

6:Survey day

On the day of the survey, the planned participants will go directly to the survey site.

Case study

Recruiting is possible by specifying various conditions.

Attributes / conditions purpose / target
ToddlerCar seats, educational toys
Elementary school studentsRecording English pronunciation data, tablet operation
Junior high and high school studentsBiometric registration operations, specific database websites
General adultVarious survey purposes / targets
Foreign residents in JapanEnglish version software, instruction manual for overseas products
Elderly personElection voting system, home appliances
NurseMedical equipment
Office worker in a specific jobGroupware for business
Sole proprietorAccounting software
Visually impairedSmartphone app
Wheelchair userAuto-teller machines