Test facility rental

What is test facility rental

When conduct a usability test or focus group, we need to have participants to feel at ease so they will be able to operate the product and give comments without feeling any pressure. On the other hand, observers need to observe the participantsí behavior in detail, and if possible, the developers of the product should be able to share comments on the scene. To conduct a test in an ideal environment, which meets both needs, special test room or facility will be needed, but to actually bring in such things, you should prepare to pay reasonable expense.

In our office, we provide a service to rent out the test rooms, which we normally use for evaluations. Please use our facility to conduct focus group or usability test in a better environment.


A:Test room

    • Tables and chairs for participants' s well as the moderator.
    • Video camera
    • Sound collector microphone
Test room

B:Observation room

    • Monitor for video image
    • Tape deck for recording (DV?VHS).
    • 4 slit screen mixer
    • Microphones
obserbation room

How to proceed the test facility rental

Use fee

* The fee may change depends on the day and the time of use. Please contact us for more information.


Advice for the test plan

For test facility rental service, we basically ask you to manage test plan, setting of test room, as well as a moderator. If you would like to receive advice from our usability test expert, we will take it separately as an optional service.

Addition of the equipments

You can use the equipments that are installed permanently. If you are short in equipments or need other equipments than those that are installed permanently, please contact us.

Your advantages upon your request to our company.

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Email: info@humaninterface.co.jp (sales representative)

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