Representative of participants recruitment

What is representative of participants recruitment

On conducting usability test and focus group, selection of participants will become very important component, which have decisive influence on the quality of the evaluation. Control of detailed requirements, such as age, gender or what products they have used before may be necessary. Also, the recruitment itself is very time consuming process, and will take a lot of time.

On behalf of the client, we take this important but time-consuming recruitment work.

Participants database

Here, we manage information of those who have registered as participants in database. Presently (August of 2009), more than 5000 people have registered with us, and therefore, we can respond to various requirements of participants.

age occupation

How to proceed the recruitment

Appointment of participants recruitments

We also can accept complicated requirements as the followings:

However, if the recruitment is expected to be very complicated, we will consult with you.

The area of dispatch


Your advantages upon your request to our company.

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