Product lending study

What is product lending study

Usability evaluation that is conducted in a test lab is an effective procedure to find the issues of the products.

Although we try to create natural and relax environment during the test, but because participants have to perform the tasks within a limited amount of time in unfamiliar environment, they may act different than their usual behavior.

Also, because they only use the products they have never used before for about 2 hours or so, it is not adequate for the purpose to find their complaint and impression they have by using the product continuously.

Therefore, the study we use to research usersí use status of products that is closer to the reality is products lending study. This study is to lend the evaluation target product to the test participants to use in their environment such as their home or office, and as a result, ask for their feedbacks about their impression and what has happened while using the products.

For the study with similar purpose, we have usersí home-to-home survey. While we visit homes of a user who are already using the evaluation target products, because product lend study is to lend products to the users who have never used it before, we can research about the status where users start using of the product.

We can expect to find different issues and the way users use the product in the actual use environment, which we will not be able to see in usability evaluation in the test lab.

How to proceed the study

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