Heuristic evaluation

What is heuristic evaluation

Usability evaluation is categorized largely by one conducted with participants, and one without participants The evaluation with participants is called usability test, and with the test, we can check the issues of the product in the environment that is close to the scene where actual users use the product in the market, and the detailed analysis is possible as well. At the same time, there are some disadvantages such as, it takes time for the preparation and result analysis, and also needs to prepare evaluation target product with function and user interface that run to some extent.

The evaluation without participant is called expert evaluation or heuristic evaluation, and with this evaluation, instead of giving tasks to the participants, usability expert will operate the product, and points out the parts which users may get stuck. Even the function and user interface do not actually run, if the spec is cleared, then the evaluation to some extent is possible, and the evaluation period will be short. It does have limitation in accuracy of evaluation compare to the one with participants, but it is for filling in gaps of evaluation with participants such as, to break down the major issues in early stage of the development, or to check the effect of improvement idea for the found issues. It is an effective evaluation method when there is a desire to conduct relatively small size evaluation in short period.

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