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Introduction to our test lab

When conduct usability test or group interview, we need to set so the participants feel comfortable to operate the products and make remarks. Meanwhile, those who observe need to observe the participants in detail, and if possible, the developers of the target product may wish to discuss at the site.

To conduct the test in the ideal environment that meets both needs, we have exclusive test lab. The test lab indicates a set of "test room", where participants perform various task, and "observation room", where observers observe the session.

Test room #2 Observation room #2

Test room

Observation room

Test room #2 (During test) Observation room #2 (During test)

Test room (During test)

Observation room (During test)


Floor area

Test room: approximately 17 square meter

Observation room: approximately 25 square meter (capacity of 8 people)

test lab #2
Test room and observation room divided off by one-way mirror

Test room and observation room are divided off by one-way mirror. By darken the observation room, while observers can see the test room, observation room cannot be seen from the test room. Therefore, participants will be able to focus on their operation without regard to observers.

Insulation layout

Because test room and observation is designed insulation against noise, although it is not completely insulated, the noise will not be heard if it is normal conversation. Observers can exchange opinions without worrying about the participants.

We can change the layout flexibly

In parallel with evaluation target product, we can change the layout of furniture or camera flexibly. Also, with consideration to come near to real used environment, we use wooden table for home appliances, while use steel desk for office equipments.

Observation through image and sound

We shoot the participants' act with multiple video cameras, and pickup sounds by microphone. Those image and sound will be sent to observers via TV monitor, speaker/headphone of observation room.


The image from video cameras and sound from microphone can be recorded into videotape. Within the images from multiple cameras, we can select one image from them in real time and record it into videotape. Also, we can make a tetrameric screen, and record all 4 images taken by different cameras.

Ceiling remote control camera

By setting a camera on the ceiling, the image can be taken in different angles without having participants being conscious about the camera. For evaluation of instruction manual, the ceiling camera will shoot the page, which is viewed by participants, which can be one used method. Ceiling camera can zoom, pan and tilt with a remote control operated from observation room.

Interaction between observation room and test room

The sound from observation room can be carry to the staff in the test room through headphone. In this way, observers can give instruction to the staff in the test room, or ask question to the participants indirectly.

Mirroring of PC screen

For the test that need to use PC, observers can see the same PC screen as the one which participant is viewing, from the observation room.

Internet connection

For Internet connection environment, we have FTTH (100M).


By adjusting the brightness of lights, we will have antireflection for LCD monitor of target product, as well as being able to check visibility at dark room deliberately.


To make as many people to be able to observe the sessions, we have widened the observation room. We arrange PC monitor separately, in addition to 3 large TV monitor for observers to be able to see the session well.

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